Tami Severinsen
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Sears Auto Center / "Relationship Counseling"

Like any relationship, this one requires some maintenance. Sure, you were crazy about your car at first, but before you know it you’re seven years in and you find yourself waiting longer between oil changes and putting off new tires as long as you can. The flame has started to fizzle out. 

That's where Sears Auto Center can help. The technicians at Sears Auto Center can help you take control of your relationship with your car, rekindle that flame and put your life in drive. They'll walk you through whatever issues you’re having, and find ways to fix them that both you and your car can agree on. Because the best relationships are ones that last.

*This client ended up choosing a different direction. All images used are FPO* 

Tami Severinsen, Art Director
Mikaela Balfany, Copywriter
Ross Lowinske, Creative Director
Agency: Laughlin Constable

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